Forklift Repairs in Marple, Excellent Quality at Affordable Prices

Forklift Repairs in MarpleFor bespoke forklift repairs in Marple look to BK Forktrucks. We are the go-to people for all your needs, be it forklift sales, hire, servicing and maintenance or repairs. With a wide range of vehicles and services to choose from, we guarantee that you will effortlessly accomplish the hardest of tasks.  There are many unforeseen challenges that one may be up against while handling large cargoes. Our forklift options measure up to any and every need that you may have, with our experts always at hand to advise and assist you from start to finish.

For our clients in Marple and neighbouring areas, forklift repairs are an integral part of the services provided by BK Forktrucks. Our engineers are trained and equipped to maintain and repair forklifts, carrier trucks and other accessories that keep the fleet in optimum condition. All our equipment undergoes periodical checks through a regular maintenance contract to ensure that small problems are nipped in the bud. Repairs can be easily avoided if, as a precaution, ageing forklifts are paid extra attention. Replacing radiators can be expensive. Instead, systematic inspections can prevent complete breakdowns.  Look out for reducing fluid levels, check the batteries and tyres that are most often subject to wear and tear.  Up-dated certifications of authenticity and guarantees are available for the client’s perusal before hire or purchase of our specialised equipment.


Good forklift repairs in Marple are a service backed by authentication from credentialing bodies like the CFTS, and the LOLER Certification authority. We are qualified to conduct examinations and certify vehicles and services. Additionally, we also provide RTITB accredited training programmes which we believe will go a long way in maintaining and enhancing the life of such equipment through the know-how provided by us. Contact BK Forktrucks for a comprehensive maintenance contract. We have an exemplary team of mobile engineers highly skilled to assist you, not to forget the advantage of an assured saving by choosing us as your service provider. Our Forklift Fleet Appraisals help to maximise returns on investment and plan budgets before making large investments.

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