Forklift in Middlewich

Forklift in MiddlewichIf you are wondering where to get your forklift in Middlewich, BK Forktrucks is the place. We have a stellar reputation, great pricing and options to suit your material handling needs and your budget. For instance we sell new and used forklifts if you are in the market to own your own equipment. We offer a lease to own program. You could also do a short term hire or just rent one of our forklifts. We supply gas or diesel forklifts, electric pedestrian and reach trucks; a truly impressive selection. We offer fast dependable service and maintenance at your place or ours. We can even arrange for RTITB accredited fork lift training courses.

We are number one for forklifts across South Manchester and North Staffordshire. Whatever you need in Middlewich, forklift or a fleet, at BK Forktrucks, we’ve got you covered with attentive customer service. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest. We can do a site survey on request and advise you of how best to manage your material handling most efficiently and cost effective. We serve all business sectors and our experience makes it possible to advise all sectors. Anytime you need extra equipment temporarily or seasonally, we can supply you the forklifts you need. Any down time for equipment is minimal because we’re usually there with our mobile maintenance and repair truck within four hours.

At BK Forktrucks, we make it easy to own your forklift in Middlewich. When the time comes that owning your own equipment outright is the smart thing to do, we can help you get the preferential financing rates you need without breaking your budget. We’ve been in business for over forty years and we network with some fine lenders that give our customers excellent financing deals. We do not accept or charge referral or financing fees from either our lenders or our buyers. Contact BK Forktrucks and we’ll help you secure the material handling equipment that is the best solution for your business. We take care of our customers from our two locations; South Manchester and North Staffordshire, so they can take care of business.

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