Forklift Hire in Stoke

Forklift Hire in StokeConsider forklift hire in Stoke when you need more equipment. There are many benefits in all areas of life to lease instead of purchasing. Areas, like cars, homes, boats, vacation homes and forklifts. It’s often cheaper overall to lease than buy. If anything needs repair or wears out, it’s not your cost or responsibility. It goes back to the owner for repair or replacement  and you move on to the next best deal. This is particularly true of forklift hire from BK Forktrucks. You may want to buy a new forklift but it’s not in the budget so hire one to fill your production gap. By the time you are ready to buy you will know which model of forklift will best suit your needs. You have benefited from the opportunity to try more than one.

When the forklift you own breaks down at the peak of your busy season, production time is lost waiting for repairs, or arranging to hire or buy another.. That won’t happen for our clients in Stoke; forklift hire from BK Forktrucks means we’re there if there’s a breakdown. Our mobile team can make repairs quickly and if they can’t, they will bring you another one. There is no time lost and no hassles.  Your company may need forklifts all year so you invested in the number usually need at reasonable prices with comfortable financing from BK Forktrucks. Twice a year you need additional forklifts for short term use. That’s when you hire the extra’s you need, also from BK Forktrucks. You can count on excellent customer service and reliability from us.

Forklift hire in Stoke from BK Forktrucks is reliable, affordable and flexible. We’re the number one dealer in the area because our service is comprehensive. We sell new, used and we lease long-term or short-term. We have easy terms for one or a fleet of the forklifts that best suit your needs. In addition, our service department keep your machines in top condition. Our team makes sure you have what you need  to maintain material handling operations. If you want special attachments or spare parts, we have them. Contact BK Forktrucks and we’ll help you appraise your forklift requirements. Do you need certified drivers for your forklifts? No problem; we’ll train and certify them for you.

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