Forklift for Sale in Burslem

Forklift for Sale in BurslemWe always have a forklift for sale in Burslem to suit your business’ requirements. Whether you want a new or used machine we have the perfect forklift truck to suit your business. We have a range of fully reconditioned and serviced used forklifts for those that are watching the budget. These units come fully guaranteed with an up to date ‘Thorough Examination Certificate’. We supply them in a number of fuel options. We have gas, diesel and electric units that cover all your needs. Our sales staff can visit your premises and assess your factories needs and will be able to offer you a machine that is perfectly suited to your day to day requirements.

Do you need help with material transportation and handling? In Burslem, a forklift for sale could be the very piece of equipment you need to cut costs and time. We have different units for different purposes such as high reaching forklifts for stacking items onto shelves.  This enables you to save packing space as you can then go up higher. The forklift can fit through an aisle that is not much wider than a walkway. This could easily double your storage space allowing you more space in your factory. We have highly qualified technicians who can service and maintain all your forklifts at a very reasonable price.  Good maintenance is a way to prolong the life of the machine by stopping problems before they occur.

Are you searching for a forklift for sale in Burslem? Contact BK Forktrucks today and view our wide range of machinery for sale or hire. We can also arrange a number of different accredited forklift training courses designed for your specific requirements. We offer onsite training for counterbalance forklift trucks and correct handling of reach forklifts. Some of our other courses are for ride on powered pallet trucks and narrow aisle forklift trucks. Whatever type of forklift you have we have the experts to teach the drivers of your machinery how to safely operate it.

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