Fork Truck in Kidsgrove

Fork Truck in KidsgroveMany businesses need a fork truck in Kidsgrove to facilitate materials handling. All factories have a need for a fork lift truck to move heavier or bulky items around the factory or workshop.  They can lift large weights safely and because they are relatively narrow they can get into small places. They can reach far higher than a human and will enable you to stack your product onto shelves allowing you to have more packing space without taking up floor space. You many only need the fork lift truck for one day or once a week and our hire units are available on short or long term hire at very reasonable rates.

When you need more muscle to move your goods in Kidsgrove, fork truck machines will enable you to move large loads with minimal man power. Once you have used a fork lift truck in your factory you will find out how many tasks it can accomplish. You may realise that you could use one all the time. Our used fork lift trucks are well serviced and come fully guaranteed with an up to late ‘thorough examination’ certificate. We supply gas, diesel and electric models to suit any situation. They come with adjustable forks which can be widened or narrowed as the load needs.

We supply fork trucks in Kidsgrove at very reasonable prices. Contact BK Forktrucks today and discuss our affordable options of hire, used and new fork lift trucks. We have a large selection of fork lift trucks that can have specialised forks fitted for your unique purpose. Our hire units are well maintained and if one has a problem our technicians will attend to issue as soon as possible. If it will take time to fix we can have a replacement unit to you within a few hours. We are rightly considered to be one of the leading suppliers of fork lift trucks in our area for new, used or rental units. Rest assured that you will find the right fork truck for your business’ needs with BK Forktrucks.

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