Forklift in Burslem

Forklift in Burslem A forklift in Burslem is well used because its versatility allows it to be used in many different types of lifting and carrying jobs. Lifting all sorts of products, some of them are nifty enough to operate in narrow aisles and confined spaces. These machines also have extendable forks and carriages. Forklift hire, and especially with a quality used forktruck, from BK Forktrucks means you can save yourself a small fortune by not purchasing a new one. The used forklifts are serviced regularly and they are guaranteed. You benefit financially because your hire fees can be offset against taxable profits, no massive costs to buy a new one and you get a team of engineers keeping your rental forklift in tip-top condition. BK Forktrucks also stock plenty of forklift parts from leading brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Komatsu, Crown, Clark, and Mitsubishi.

BK Forktrucks offer useful services besides the sale and hire of their forklifts. They also do a fleet appraisal, and in Burslem, forklift services extend to site fleet appraisals to provide accurate information on whether your forktrucks are continuing to provide a company with optimal services. With their material handling equipment specialists, BK Forktrucks professionals have decades of experience to show you exactly how to get the most out of your logistics budget.

Looking for a forklift in Burslem that is brand new? BK Forktrucks have exactly what you need. With their new and used trucks, they know exactly which ones will suit your needs. Why not contact BK Forktrucks if you’re looking for a Yale, Jungheinrich or Mitsubishi  forklift? All their forklifts, new or used, conform to European Directive Standards and are competitive priced.

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