Forklift Hire in Tunstall

IMG_FN515-w800-h600There are some good reasons for forklift hire in Tunstall. Forklifts are sometimes the hardest working machinery in a factory or warehouse. Depending on the size of the company, forklifts may be working around the clock. Dependable brands like Yale, Mitsubishi and Jungheinrich can take the workload. That is why BK Forktrucks stay with the best brands. Occasionally even the toughest forklift needs a tuneup or repair. When that happens, companies will often rent another forklift to maintain the workflow. BK Forktrucks can deliver a rental forklift to you on short notice and if need transport your broken down one back to our yard for repairs. Choose the best for your needs. We offer electric gas or diesel counterbalance, pedestrian pallet trucks and reach trucks.

In Tunstall, forklift hire is the preferred way to manage for some companies. If your company is growing, you need as much cash flow as possible. When you rent instead of buy new, there is no large cash outlay. Yet the expense is still deductible from your profits for tax purposes. If your business has a busy season and a slow season, renting is perfect. You only lease what you need for the time you need it. You will not have idle machinery sitting around costing money instead of making money. We make long-term and short-term contracts for forklift hire. One of the best parts about forklift hire from BK Forktrucks is we service them. Our engineers are quick to respond and can usually make repairs or replace worn parts right on site.

Your company may need forklift hire in Tunstall for a fleet of equipment. BK Forktrucks employs experienced material handling specialists to help you figure the best type and amount of equipment for your needs. They can help you optimize production for the least amount of money. Invite them out for an onsite appraisal of your operation and hear their recommendations. BK Forktrucks even has RTITB accredited forklift training courses. They will design them to meet your specific material handling needs. Instruction on the ride-on, narrow aisle, and counterbalance fork trucks is available. In addition, train on reach trucks, Flexi forklifts, telescopic and hydraulic loaders. If you need information about forklift hire, contact BK Forktrucks.

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