Finding Fork Truck Spares in Talke

Finding Fork Truck Spares in TalkeYour fork truck is broken leaving you looking for fork truck spares in Talke while your fork truck gets repaired. Hiring a replacement fork truck while yours is in for repair avoids too much down time. BK Forktrucks offers full repair services and replacement rental equipment while they fix your broken fork truck. The convenience of one stop shopping is a real bonus. After all, your time is money and the more down time you have or the more time it takes to locate a rental replacement the more money you lose. Lost revenue and the cost of repairs isn’t good for your bottom line. BK Forktrucks is a business too and they know how a breakdown can run up far more costs than just the repair and so they work hard to get your fork truck back in business as quickly as possible.

In Talke, fork truck spares are available while your forklift is being repaired – all repairs regardless of size can be done by the qualified staff at BK Forktrucks. This company prides themselves in offering quality workmanship at a reasonable price. The complete team of professionals is ready to take on your repair. The forklift fleet services have short and long term fork lifts for hire available with a 4 hour service guarantee, so you never have to be down for more than half a day. Whether you find yourself in need of a fork truck spare while yours is repaired or you just need an extra forklift to get a job done, BK Forktrucks can help. If you want to buy a fork truck they can help you with that too!

The next time you find yourself in need of fork truck repairs in Talke, give BK Forktrucks a call at 0845 365 1535 for South Manchester or 01782 744558 for North Manchester. Shouldn’t you receive the same customer service you give your customers? Why not give BK Forktrucks a call today and get to know them?

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