Fork Lift Repairs In Congleton

Fork Lift Repairs In CongletonKnowing a large delivery was due into my warehouse and needing fork lift repairs in Congleton had me in a spin. The last large delivery was still sitting as dropped because my forklift broke down. I needed to get the first shipment moved into place to make room for the new load due to come in. Ordinarily, I do not stock that much in my small warehouse but during holidays, I need more product on hand. My forklift driver was shuffling boxes around but not accomplishing anything. I still had to pay him. This was a big problem for me and it was taking up valuable time as well as costing me money. I have a small business and I have to keep overhead to a minimum so I cannot just go out and buy and new forklift.

I knew there had to be somebody in Congleton for forklift repairs. I started asking around and BK Forktrucks is the name mentioned the most. I had heard of them. I knew they sold new forklifts and rented some equipment. I called them. They are nice people to talk to and helpful. I told them my problem and the delivery deadline. They sent out an engineer to look at my forklift. I left him to it and when I came back a while later it was working. I could not stop smiling. It was such a relief to have that problem solved and get back to the business of making money.

Now I know who to call if I need fork lift repairs in Congleton. I would recommend BK Fork Trucks to anybody. If the engineer had be unable to make repairs quickly, BK Fork Trucks would still have been able to help me. They would have rented one to me so I could keep my business running until they could complete the repair. They stock many spare parts if I ever need a replacement part. One of these days, I will need to buy a new forklift. I hope I will need two or three as my business grows. When that time comes, you know I will buy them from BK Forktrucks. I know I will get good prices, good products and good service. Contact BK Forktrucks today

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