Cost Effective Forklift Hire in Stockport to Meet Your Business’ Needs

For affordable forklift hire in Stockport, remember BK Forktrucks. In fact, we have the solution to almost any forklift need that you have. In addition to renting forklifts, we also offer long term lease. Or, if  you want to purchase a new or used forklift, we have the respected brands available. We also sell new and used attachments. Our company offers maintenance and repairs, spare parts and even forklift training. If you’re not certain which equipment or how much forklift equipment would efficiently suit your needs, we have fleet assessors on staff to help you out. We want to make sure you have the equipment you need within your budget. That may mean renting, buying, buying used or a little of all three.

The objective is to manage your material handling needs, even as they fluctuate. For a wide variety of businesses in Stockport, forklift hire is recommended for flexibility. Our rates are very reasonable and the equipment is exceptionally reliable. The machine or machines you need are yours for as long as you need them. If, during that time, the machine needs service or repair, we have a mobile team that will come to you. If we need to bring the forklift back to our service centre for repairs, we’ll bring you a replacement. You don’t want idle hands when there’s work to be done and we appreciate that. So rent short term or long term and only pay for equipment you are actually using.

We are the leading supplier of new forklift sales and forklift hire in Stockport. Forklift hire may suit your budget better, even for long term use. Renting can free up your cash flow as compared to buying new or even used. You want the equipment you need when you need it at the most affordable price. Contact BK Forktrucks because we are convinced that we can offer the solutions you want and need. You will always have equipment in working condition and maintenance service that you can rely on. Choose from electric, gas or diesel, pedestrian trucks and reach trucks. You don’t have to buy in order to get a tax deduction. Your rental fees are completely tax deductible against your profits.

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