Top Quality Fork Lifts in Stockport to Meet Your Business’ Needs

Fork Lifts in Stockport Fork lifts in Stockport and around the world total about a million machines. Who today can even imagine a dock, warehouse or distribution centre without fork lifts. They’ve only been in use for about one hundred years, having been invented early in the 20th century. One other great invention at about the same time is the palletiser. The combination of the two changed material handling and distribution forever. Nobody knows exactly who invented the fork lift or even if the first in use was in the US or UK. Chances are they came into being during a time of war. Likely, The Mother of Invention, Necessity Herself, gave a nudge to an exhausted someone short on manpower.

We have every kind of fork lift your company could possibly need. Around the world and in Stockport, fork lifts’ initial design has been modified to serve every industry. Attachments for every conceivable task in your business are available so you can customise it at will so one machine can perform many tasks. Some of those tasks are highly specialised. Throughout South Manchester and North Staffordshire, we’re the go-to for fork lift solutions. If your business needs forklifts but you’re not sure what kind, how many or if you can even afford one, then start with us. First we’ll visit your place of business and assess your material handling needs; then we’ll present a solution that fits your budget.

Our staff sells new and used fork lifts in Stockport. We also offer short and long-term leases. One of those options or maybe a combination of those options, will work for you. We supply top name brand machines to get the job done. However, we stick with you even after you have selected your best material handling solution. We maintain mobile repair units that come to your site. We have a huge stock of spare parts for quick fixes. If we have to bring your forklift back to our shop for repair, no worries. We’ll pick it up and drop off a loaner so you don’t get behind in your work. Contact us and find out your best fork lift solution. We’ll provide honest and affordable advice and service that fits your needs.

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