Fork Lifts in Northwich

Fork Lifts in NorthwichWhen you have material handling challenges, you need the right service to provide fork lifts in Northwich. At BK Forktrucks, we’re equipped to handle all your lifting and moving needs smoothly, efficiently and at a very affordable rate. Since we have our own transporter, we can provide reliable fork lift hire on either a long term or short term basis. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with the vehicle, our expert, experienced service engineers are on call on our 4 hour guaranteed service. These features make us one of the leading service providers in the area and our delighted customers would be glad to provide you with their personal experiences in dealing with us. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles of varying load-bearing capacities, ranging from brand new to reconditioned.

For all businesses in Northwich, fork lift hire should be undertaken after due research and a detailed analysis of your needs, preferences and budgets. It’s also important to know the regulations and local restrictions on the use of such vehicles in the area where you wish to operate. If you’re using the fork lift to move loads into high-rises, or top floors of shopping malls, it’s important to know the height restrictions of the fork lift you need and also the width of doors. If you’re taking delivery of the fork lift in a crowded area, make sure that there is a space nearby to the site to park the lorry, otherwise access can be a problem. Check with the company about what fuel and how much to use.

Fork lift in Northwich is available for sale too, though most customers prefer to rent, if it’s not something that they use on a regular basis. Renting also helps to save on maintenance and overheads costs. For more information about what we have available for sale and rent, contact BK Forktrucks. Get in touch with our expert team of experienced professionals for advice and assistance in choosing the right type of fork lift to suit your needs and budget.


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