Fork Lift Repairs in Warrington

Fork Lift Repairs in WarringtonBK Forktrucks sell and lease new and used fork lifts and we have teams that undertake fork lift repairs in Warrington. We have a service centre staffed with fully qualified mechanics and we have a mobile repair team that will come to your place of business to make quick repairs and get your machine back in business. At BK Forktrucks we are accredited to conduct Thorough Examinations by the Consolidated Fork Truck Services (CFTS). That’s your guarantee that the Thorough Examinations has been carried out by one of our trained engineers according to high standards. If you own your forktrucks or have a long-term lease of 12 months or more, you are responsible for the certification of your equipment according to Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER).

Daily maintenance will help prevent fork lift operating problems and catch them early before they become major repairs. Fork lifts increase productivity to the point of being indispensable so, in Warrington, fork llift repairs have to be quick. At BK Forktrucks, our service and repair teams understand that you may lose money every hour your fork lift is out of service. Count on us to respond and repair quickly and efficiently. It’s important that you check the fluid levels and the fork alignments daily and follow the manufacturer’s specified load limits. The skill of your operators plays a part in the longevity of your fork lift. If you need operators certified call us at BK Forktrucks and we will put them through the certification course.

Fork lift repairs in Warrington can include a corroded and blocked radiator preventing proper lift functioning; worn gears preventing precise steering or a mast that won’t glide up and down smoothly because of chain issues or an engine that just won’t start and more. Contact BK Forktrucks and our engineers will have your equipment back in service in short order. You can be confident that all repairs are carried out to the manufacturer’s specifications and our own high standards. If we can’t fix it on site, we will transport it to our shop for repairs and return it to you in top operational condition.

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