Forklift in Newcastle under Lyme

Forklift in Newcastle under Lyme We have what you are looking for in a forklift in Newcastle under Lyme at BK Forktrucks. We are a comprehensive solution based company with 40 years of experience in the business. We deal in all proven brands of forklifts. Material handling needs change from company to company but they also change within the same company. If you are wondering whether you need more or different forklifts, BK Forktrucks can help. One of our specialists in material handling can come to your place of business and observe. He will make note of what is right and what can be improved to streamline your operation. Maybe you need more or different forktrucks and maybe you need attachments that will help your efficiency. Of course you may already have what you need but it doesn’t hurt to double check.

To get the most out of your material handling budget BK Forktrucks offers options. In Newcastle under Lyme forklift hire might solve meet your material handling needs. There is no large cash outlay that throws you off budget. Sometimes that’s a smarter move than making repairs on outdated equipment that is no longer reliable. You still get the tax deduction. We also have used forktrucks that our mechanics have put in top condition for sale. Your needs may be more easily met with two used forktrucks instead on one new one. If possible buying new will give you years of carefree service and a bigger tax deduction.

At BK Forktrucks we don’t just lease and sell forklift in Newcastle under Lyme. We can supply any part you need and not only do we have a well equipped repair shop but we have a mobile repair truck. It is equipped with highly trained technicians that will come to you. They can make repairs right at your own place of business. Contact BK Forktrucks for solutions to your forklift needs throughout South Manchester and North Staffordshire. We can even train your forklift operator and get him certified. Watching out for your material handling needs is our business. You will find our pricing and terms to be favorable to your budget.

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