Specialists in Forklift Sales in Stockport

Specialists in Forklift Sales in StockportMany businesses require the services of a company that specialises in forklift sales in Stockport. A forklift truck is a very useful vehicle that is used primarily to move heavy objects from one location to another. There are many different forklift truck designs. It is important to select a forklift truck that closely matches your requirements. You can contact a forklift truck company in order to receive advice and guidance in relation to which design is most suitable for your needs.

In Stockport, forklift sales are very popular. Businesses can choose from a wide range of designs, each of which provide different benefits and capabilities. One of the most common forklift truck designs is the counterbalance. This design is very easy to operate and benefits from forks at the front of the vehicle. The design does not incorporate legs which allows the truck to get close to the item that needs to be lifted. Counterbalance forklift trucks can be powered by diesel, gas or electric means. The term counterbalance refers to the weight that is positioned at the rear of the truck to provide stability when lifting items. Another popular design is the reach forklift truck. This design is usually found in warehouses as they can be used to reach further and safely secure items before the lifting process begins. They are perfect for lifting pallets as the forks extend to safely support the dimensions of the pallet.

Another common design offered at many forklift sales in Stockport is the pump truck. This type of forklift truck is operated manually and requires an individual to pump the handle in order to raise the forks. They are very simple in design and can be useful in locations that do not benefit from lots of space. They are available in a number of styles which can be customised to match individual requirements. In addition to pump trucks, a similarly designed vehicle is the powered pallet. They are much the same as pump trucks but benefit from an electric motor which removes the need for manual pumping. Other notable forklift truck designs include sideloaders and teletrucks.

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