Forklift Sales in Stoke

Forklift Sales in StokeOne question that we are often asked about forklift sales in Stoke, is how do I know how many trucks I need? It’s a good question, as demands can vary throughout a year and all businesses are having to keep a tight control of their finances in the current economic climate. As the forktruck experts for Manchester and Staffordshire, we have the expertise and experience you need. That’s why we’re happy to provide a forklift truck fleet appraisal for your company. We’ll give you impartial advice on whether you need more or less trucks and which trucks would be best for your particular needs.

Our Stoke forklift sales team always put the client first and that’s why so many customers return to us again and again. Material handling is one of the most important parts of the manufacturing and warehousing process. Hold ups in this particular process can have a real knock on effect across the whole of your business. Conversely, when you have a modern, efficient fleet of forklift trucks you can supply your customers with their goods faster than ever before. That’s great for them and for your reputation. Our logistics solutions can be much less expensive than you think and we sell both new and used forktrucks, as well as providing flexible lease and hire options.

Customers who use our forklift sales in Stoke, are buying added peace of mind along with a great value addition to their plant. That’s because we don’t just sell forklifts, as well as pallet trucks and reach trucks, we also provide an expert after-sales service as well. Our forklift engineers are highly qualified and experienced and provide both servicing and repairs whenever needed. Our swift and responsive solutions mean that you won’t have to worry about costly downtime. Our range of new forklifts are produced by big name manufacturers you can trust. We have trucks from Mitsubishi, Yale, and Jungheinrich and all at very competitive prices. Call our friendly team today and arrange a forklift truck appraisal for your business, or talk to our sales team and find out how little a new or used truck can cost.

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