Fork Lift Rentals in Ashbourne

Fork Lift Rentals in AshbourneWe were recently contacted by a customer looking for fork lift rentals in Ashbourne. They were approaching the busiest time of year when it came to order fulfilment, and needed a little extra help to ensure that their orders were processed and delivered on time. That’s why they contacted BK Forktrucks, the experts across the North West and beyond. We’ve a wealth of experience in hiring and selling forktrucks, as well as supplying spare parts and carrying out expert servicing and maintenance. In fact, we’re a one stop fork lift shop.

Ashbourne fork lift rentals can save your business time, when you need it most. One of the most important things as a manufacturer, is delivering your goods on time, every time. That leads to repeat orders, and gives you a great reputation. Unfortunately, if orders are late or delayed, the opposite can be true. The more fork and pallet trucks you have in action, the quicker you can load and unload your goods. This makes your whole distribution process easier and more efficient. When you know that you have access to high quality fork lift trucks whenever you need them, you can also increase your capacity, and take on more orders. This gives you a competitive edge over your business rivals.

It’s not just time that you’ll save, as fork lift rentals in Ashbourne can save money and free up your resources. If your peak delivery times are cyclical, why commit to a significant outlay such as purchasing a forktruck? Hiring gives you added flexibility, and comes at a much more manageable cost. This allows you to stick to your budget, even if you need an extra forklift or pallet truck at short notice. You can even claim the hire cost as an allowable expense against your taxes, so it’s really a no risk investment that can bring significant advantages to your company. There’s a wide range of forktrucks for hire, and you can be assured that they’re all serviced regularly and kept in perfect working order. Call us today, and find out how little it can cost.

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