Fork Truck Hire In Warrington

Fork Truck Hire In WarringtonWe recently provided fork truck hire in Warrington to a client who needed to move a large order from their warehouse. Buying fork lift trucks can be a significant cost, especially if they’re only need for short term use, or for a specific period every year. BK Forktrucks have cost effective solutions for companies across Greater Manchester and Staffordshire. We provide short term and long term hire of fork lift trucks, and we always aim to deliver exactly what the client needs.

The benefits of Warrington fork truck hire are more than just the savings you make compared to buying. You’ll also receive an expert after care service. If you have your own fork trucks, waiting for repairs can be time consuming and expensive. Every day that your fork trucks are out of action costs you money, and failing to fulfil an order on time can damage your reputation. When you use our fork lift truck hire service, you’ll also benefit from a round the clock back-up service. Our expert fork truck engineers are available whenever you need them. We carry out repairs quickly and thoroughly, allowing you to get back on with the job. If your buy your own fork truck, it will eventually become old or obsolete, when you hire from us you can be assured of receiving a modern truck that’s in perfect condition.

What kind of fork truck hire in Warrington are you looking for? We don’t just have standard fork lift trucks, we also supply pallet trucks, reach trucks and stackers. Our client was also happy to learn that they could offset the cost of the fork truck hire against their taxable profits, making it even more cost effective. There are no hidden charges for upgrading or changing the truck during the contract, or for extending the hire period. We believe in fair and competitive pricing at all times. When you need to hire high quality fork trucks, give BK Forktrucks a call on 0845 365 1535.

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