Looking For For Lift Hire In Glossop?

DSC09994Looking for fork lift hire in Glossop? BK Forktrucks has the experience and expertise to help you manage your material handling challenges. Our commercial clients love the freedom and flexibility offered when hiring our forklifts. We offer both long and short term rentals to help meet the needs of every business no matter how large or small. One of the great benefits of hiring a forklift versus buying your own is the savings in capital your businesses recognizes. Large equipment is very expensive and a new business or any business carefully managing expenses can realize huge savings through hiring this kind of equipment.

The owner of a new business called up recently asking about our services. He had just gone into business as a distributor of consumer goods to small stores. He was all set up and ready to go with a warehouse, sales and distribution staff, and a network of shops ready to buy his products, but there was one final detail to manage. He would be receiving a large initial shipment from his supplier and had no way to unload and organize the product in his building in Glossop. Looking for fork lift hire was the last task standing in the way of his success.

After speaking with our sales staff, he decided on a short term initial hire of one of our fork trucks. This would allow him to unload all of the incoming trucks. Once unloaded his staff would break down the product by hand and send it on its way to the stores. He was pleased with the cost of hiring versus purchasing, and was surprised when we told him about our support staff. He was told if he ever had a problem with one of the forktrucks to give us a call. Our service engineers stand by to handle any equipment problems within four hours. This is the kind of service that has made BK Forktrucks great. The next time your are looking for fork lift hire in Glossop, give us a call on 01625 460 571.

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